Saturday, 6 February 2016

I'm having a big Clear Out / SALE over at BigFish.
I'm generally having a big DUMP in my life in general :)))
I am clearing out old shop stock - old clothes - old kitchenalia - old books n boots - old feelings - old emotions - old paperwork....
i am finding the space to breathe!! and it feels so good.
 For example HERE is a bargain pack of 100 mini felt balls
Reduced from £18 to £10
 LOADS of ribbons n trims are reduced to £1 - even these ribbon reels that i am about to upload... £1 each. Madness. AND FREESHIP <<< use this code for today only then it's postage paying as usual.
 NeedleBooks already selling out but this pretty design has quite a few left at such a low price for an original handcrafted design:
I Kid you not. It's all been very emotional of late!
No wonder... i am freeing myself of so many old things. I am bound to be feeling vulnerable.
But also SUPER excited!
ALL this is happening to make way for entirely new adventures.
I'm not 'giving up' i just want some new things for myself and my life is being lived very different right now. And i am very happy about it.
So, if you need any bargains, please go bag some.
If you don't - then tell a crafty friend? i would really appreciate that.

LIVING on tea right now!
My next step is to start collecting all the fabric stash and putting up some Cath Kidston patchwork sets for sale. Old designs - popular and no longer available... If you are interested, do keep an eye on my FaceBook page because that is much quicker for me to update.
Thankyou Friends x x x

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