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It really IS getting to that time of year again. I shamelessly promote my own handmade Christmas Decorations and Home Decor because i am so very pleased and proud to sell them.
They are all my very own designs from scratch - i am a designer / maker 'proper' it is what i do ya know!
 So, my main retail outlet is here:
and that is where it is easiest to house all the Christmas pieces in one easy place to find everything you need to complete 'a look'.
I sort of have SCANDI theme and TOMTE and GINGERBREAD WORLD and LIME n PINK
 My wreaths are a real eye catcher! conversation pieces...
all the different buttons makes it a design you never tire of seeing each year.
There is so much joy in creating all these pieces. I wish there were more hours in the day!
The Babushka dolls have been a real hit and they have so much character.
I have to sell them randomly because all the designs vary so much - it is a nice little surprise which dolls arrive.
What is Christmas for you? For me it means:
Family and friends
Fun and relaxation
Food and sharing
Cosiness and traditions
But most of all, it is about creating a bit of magic!

Caribou - my biggest success! i know that as it has been my most ripped off design by other crafters and retailers. I didn't invent the Caribou Christmas Decoration but i did design it like this:
So... enjoy, adorn, get magical! x x x
Get inspired to purchase some heirloom decorations from me
Get inspired to make your own for your own home - its fun!

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