Felt Craft

Obviously... what's HOT in the world of felt are these Felt Finger Puppet Patterns for you to make.

They are so simple and easy to make yet they look like awesome professional puppets like what you might buy in some City Children's Bookshop - sweet!

They even have COOL sets for boys! The boys always get missed out...

Each set comes with a pattern to make a POUCH / POCKET in which you can store your awesome story telling characters. For this set of Crazies, there is a 3D looking Lego style block that i know my nephew would think was pretty impressive, even if it would 'kill him' to admit that to me...

for all your felty needs

For me, the "Princess and the Pea" is just inspirational. There is not a little girl in the land who wouldn't want to squishy up on that big pile of matresses. Even the PEA is a finger puppet.

Trust me, they are 'simples' to make - share with a friend, buy a pattern each then swap. the patterns are re-usable... i have made some with the interface and some without. Both Wool Felt and Acrylic felt can stand up to the sewing without using interface but it does give a more robust finish.

But where else will you find some awesome Felt Projects?
LUPIN's BLOG where she uses felt for everything! and she is very talented at easy-to-follow tutorials.
http://www.craftsy.com/user/466786/pattern-store - do go here and see Victoria Peat also. CUTE patterns.

Watch this space...

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