Hi! I am KirstyFish and i live a Crafty life...
I run several online Craft shops aswell as writing articles and tutorials for Craft books and Magazines.
You might have seen me here: but somebody hacked my google account there and i lost access to my Blog. It was sad and i had lots of lovely followers and readers. So HELLO! if you have come back to me in my new home xxx i appreciate you. And Hi There! if you are new to my world...

When i'm not Crafting i like other stuff too: Vintage rummaging for crazy housewares and 1950's dresses. Teasing my rescued Scottie Dog, oh how i love him. I also love physical training... i know, don't shoot me! but i love hill running and PowerLifting, Army Circuits and Muddy obstacle challenges. I work part-time in an independent Strength & Conditioning gym. My life is one of extremes! and do you know what i love most??? the adventure of it all. I am dramatic & optimistic. Ask me: "is your glass half empty Kirsty? or is it half Full?" and i'll probably launch into some overly demonstrative lecture on how pretty the glass is and the fact i 'knew a lady once who had a whole set like that in green....

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  1. Found your blog through a Thrifty Mrs, I read about you and laughed you sound just like me!Love your stuff :)

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