(back to business) KIDS Craft box essentials... what to keep in your tub:

This is The Child's Craft Cupboard. And you would be wrong to think "you are so generous Kirsty, to give her such space to herself"... No. because i have rooooooms not just a cupboard! all to myself. So i am very not generous :)
 what to keep in the essentials tub:
Paint brushes and Paints - these small tubs are good quality and very cheap and help to keep mess a minimum. £2 maybe from a cheapo bookstore.
Cotton wool pads - for dabbing in paint or using as animal fluff.
I love a box of stamps n ink - not essential but stops her from using mine.
 An extra tin full of collected stickers - great for making cards and collages
I have heard adults say (put on stoopid adult voice) "errrrmmmm i don't agree with stickers. It curbs a child's natural instincts for creativity and imagination".... seriously, what!? get over yourself adult. Stop censoring the children. Let them be. Kids LOVE stickers. fact.
 2 different glues. A glue-stick for paper. A white glue for sticking stuffffff and makes a great varnish when dry.
Bits of ribbon.
Licky back paper or generally scraps of used wrapping paper / old cards to cut up and stick down.
 Gooooooogly eyes - self explanatory. Hello!? GOOOOOGGGLLYY EYES! stick em on your head.
^^ BEST thing ever are these wooden coffee stirrers from coffee shops. I swear i have bred a monster... Daughter came back from cheerleading camp BEAMING smile and a cheeky chuckle:
"we had our break in the Cafe mumma!!!!"
me: "yeeees"
Daughter *opens up bag with wide grin* and inside are a million stolen coffee stirrers. ya, we love them.
Great for mixing glue and paint or making models....
 Tub, nothing fancy schmancy. This is an old Persil Washing tabs tub that we have used for years.
ps NOT photo'd are pipecleaners - we also love pipecleaners.
 Other handy stuff.... a tub of beads! truly an instant craft hit. 
We like to thread ours onto pipecleaners rather then ribbon or elastic because they are easier to hold on to, less likely to drop the end and lose the beads. Daughter is quite buttery fingered so we find it helps :)
 And a good ole fashioned Flower Press:
Scour the garden (time killed + nature + outdoors = mummy bonus points)
Then flatten what you find.
A million times asked "are they ready yet"  every 5 mins for 4 hours...
Then, days later, when they least expect and you have all forgotten about the flower press, they are bored and you suddenly say "HEY..... remember we put that stuff IN the flower press????...." and cue impromptu activity.
Then make a nice gardeny collage using the flat stuff. win, win, win.
Children + Crafting is probably what i do best :)
have FUN xxx


  1. No flower press, but I do have an old fashioned bookbinding press :-) Will definitely be collecting flowers this week!

  2. This post reminds me of my childhood. during the School holidays my mum would fill an old ice cream tub full of inexpensive crafty bits. I would spend the Summer painting, gluing and sticking- i LOVED it. It's probably why I ended up doing a design degree many years later!

  3. i think my mum did too. We did back then. They didn't have big Hobby shops or t'internet or even the money to spend there if they existed!

    1. I use those washing powder tub thingies to put all sophie's play doh bits n' bobs in...they are great for storing stuff in!


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