Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To be Wild & Perfect for a moment...

 Those of you who have dipped into my life over the past YEARS of blogging, will have noticed i have a dark side. Friends and family of mine have long known that i have a WILD streak that needs its outlet... and i don't mean i can finish a whole tub of Ben n Jerrys without a single moment of remorse (but that is also true) My dad would say "She was born angry this One"
(i like to think of myself as more 'motivated' than angry)
 Anyhow... i shall say it out loud:
i am becoming a body builder.
I have a very healthy obsession with weights - weight training - weight lifting - weight swinging about.
I don't even care so much about how it 'looks' on me.
Its pure joy.... and i don't know how many people actually 'get that'
I want a massive BOOTAY and i do NOT long for long skinny legs.
 I have had so many conversations with people over exercise and this is what i hear:
"oooh you are so good" (meaning its a chore to go training)
"i couldn't leave the house to go Zumba, i was all cosy"
"I had to drag myself out for a run"
"i hate going to class but i feel better once i've done it"
"Yeh, i used to go Zumba, i'll have to start back again..."
"you are already slim / fit why do you train so much?"
"what are you training for"
and the classic...... ready.....
"i'll never train with weights, i don't want to get big and muscley. it looks so masculine"
HEAR ME NOW SISTERS.... I Love going to the gym and it is my TREAT for working so hard the rest of my day: being a mum, a business woman, a friend, a housekeeper, a daughter.... I treat my body with hard work and good food because i deserve it.
 I am not here to lecture on what anybody else does - what you do / don't do...
Do what you do and be happy!
I love the feel of the heavy weights in my hands and on my shoulders.
I love pushing and pulling them about and feeling so strong!! like i can actually take on the world.

I don't think huge muscles look awful on a woman. I think starvation and emaciation make me feel sad for a woman - if you don't like women with muscle definition then i question whether you think women should even be allowed a vote? because if we are allowed to have a mind and a career and a vote and be admired for long skinny limbs and glossy hair then we are sure as hellfire allowed to be admired for our strength!? physical and otherwise??
My name's Kirsty and i am a BodyBuilder.
My name's Kirsty and i value strength and dedication and focus and happiness.
My name is KIRSTY and i love to Wild and Perfect for a small moment in each day x


  1. This is the best post i have read so far .. My name is Sam and i want to be a bodybuilder too..lol.. you go girl ..x

  2. Good for you. It wouldn't be for me (but then I am one of those.... "I really ought to......." people! LOL) But we should be able to do what suits us - not what other people think we should be doing. Good luck. :-D Jude.x

  3. What a strong and powerful post! You go for it Kirsty!