Monday, 28 September 2015

So many ribbons...

 Much fun this past week :)
Updating some of the ribbon listings in the shop.
Some of these are the same ribbons for sale but in a new combination.
And some of them are new ribbons entirely!
 I also have a huge job ahead of me, getting all the remnant ribbons cut and folded to sell off in random mix bags. I hope this will make up the bulk of my January sale 2016 - so, watch this space....
 All of the trimmings pictured in groups are how they are listed to sell - because selling ribbon in tiny amounts is not at all cost effective to sell or buy!
I hope you enjoy how i have styled them.
 I bought myself some wee Baker Twine packs too.
I have quite a few crafty plans for this little lot.

 Annnnnd - ever popular... the GB ribbon is still in stock.
God Save the Queen :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Rainy Day - mini fabric envelopes....

last week....
I bought various bits n pieces from this actual real life - go in the door and be inside the shop, shop.
Items included a wooden envelope template makey thingy. I LOVE a quick easy crafty doo-da.
**Link clicks you away to Berylune online**
***i also FB'd my trip there so go see it on my FB page***
And it was rainy. I had already been super and had a long few hours on the bike soooo i treated myself to some crafty hours and a pot of tea. "I wonder" said i "could i make fabric envelopes"
and so i set to....
 I firstly bonded the fabric to some wonderweb stuff. To give it shape and structure. 
I also had to glue the pieces closed. I suppose i could hand sew them - if i had more patience. But i didn't. They hold up pretty well just stuck with some cheap stick glue :)
 Then i had fun making some tag cards to pop inside. Also using stickers me n my girl bought 
(to share!!) You knoooooow me i LOVE a tag anything. tags tags tags tags.
 and then i played with different ways of closing the envelopes....
 LoL ( i hate that expression, but it seems less offensive printed on a pink heart sticker and adorning a bit of Liberty-esque fabric) LoL :)))
 Then i was like "oh yeeeaaaahhh i could use an eyelet. Tres cool"
so i did - very quick and easy. Happy little Crafter.
 So - go to Berylune (real or virtual) 
and have a go yourself? very quick. and then send REAL post - to people you know and love.
It is exactly what i did after this. I wrote real letters and then i sent them in the post!

Monday, 18 May 2015

yay! New Felt Colours...

 THIS is what i wanted all along :)
I loved (and still love) the wool felt - how it feels and all the lush heathered colours.
But i wanted a greater range of my Craft felt to sell.
And now i have some!! They finally created new colours....

As alllllways - the colours are very hard to convey. All monitors vary so what i see is not what you see. 
And let's face it - eyes vary! 
What you see is different to what i see - that is the beauty of life.
Above is part of the new JEWEL range = Thistle. 
All colours are fully described in the shop FuzzyFish
 This is Honey Mustard - i am leaving it as Mustard. It is a French very slightly browned yellow as opposed to the 2 bright yellows i already stock in this range.
 Do not be fooled by this photograph.
This is SQUASHED BERRY and is very rusty / russet / autumn / natural and not RED as it appears here. part of the Woodland Range.
 Lush Jewel Tones together: Circus Pink + Teal + Mustard
 And very soft pastel MINT!
There are many greens now - see below! and i have done my best to describe them all in each listing.
This Set has a half metre of each of the 6x greens now available.
Now we have a wider choice of shades for our natural projects - so happy about that.
Bear with me :)
As i update all the shop listings so you can shop in HALF METRE increments.
and also i need to make up the new Swatch Sheets ASAP.
And organise the new colours into the A4 packs and mini sheet packs.
So much to do! But so worth it.
Glorious happy felt!
x x x