Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sunshine & more WOOL Felt...

So.... the final Colourway in the Felt Charm Packs has arrived.
It is my favourite!
It is called VINTAGE because the shades are a more muted and interesting mix without any harsh brights or soft pastels. A full range of 15 pretty colours that ll mix n match with each other.
There are arounf £8 each (RRP £9) and a really good price at £35 for all 5 packs
It feels odd to be working and not making the absolute MOST of this glorious sunshine.
I have to keep pinching myself - it is MARCH, right??
I have even worn a pair of shorts for working out in - i know, and i don't 'do' shorts. I am nearly 40, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed with these legs. Shorts in public, IS that line.

 The dog and I have done our best to catch some rays and do a spot of tidying in the garden
"Look!"  * iam calling out to my Sister*  "He has eyes!!"
my Sister compalins that she can never see my dogs eyes in any photos, under all that black hair...
"he has got eyes...."!!
 I have had a pretty tough week actually.
In many ways, i have hit a new level of 'stress' juggling plates high in the air, just to keep my head above water - not a moment to really 'improve' my life in any way, just keep spinning plates, aimlessly it can seem!
But i can't help but feel the sunshine makes everything seem managable.
I am superbly lucky i have the friends and family i have got, or life would be a poorer and sadder place.
x x x Make Hay People!!!

(winner of the PIP LINCOLNE book is DEF coming)

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  1. Nice pics !! Love them!! keep working..and yeahh it is march almost reaching middle of autumn over here!
    I would like to invite you over my blog when you please...