Monday, 26 March 2012

Wool Felt Charm Packs...

 Latest products in the shops are these high wool% top quality felt charm packs.
this is wool felt with a small blend of rayon but is wonderfully thick and solid.
 The Charm Packs are all named to give you an idea of the colour theme / pallette.
Circus = Bright and Zany
Fairytale = lots of pinks, blush, lilacs and softer shades
Woodland = mushroomy and greens and muddy Fall shades
Thanksgiving = rather than Christmas as there are other jewel like shades in here
A 5th pack is on it's way which might be some kind of 'Victoriana'....
 They are 5x5 inch squares or 12.5cm squared and so ideal for garlands and small projects, art pieces and finger puppets.....
 I know! these are just the cutest sets of patterns - Perfect for parents to sew and so quick as you can use lots of scraps from your stash. These would make really simple patterns for group and school sewing clubs too.
 The patterns are all reusable, just photocopy them or trace them if you like.
Re-use them over and over.
Buy a set each and share them with friends!?
 To help celebrate and re-launch this blog i am going to holding some of these charms up to a giveaway very soon. So stay tuned to get your mitts on some cool gear - for free !
Thanks for getting excited with me x


  1. The patterns are gorgeous!! I love the way simple and cute equals magnificence!
    I hope you can beck to your other blog sometime,
    it happened to me last year! all of a sudden I got mine back after days (more than a week)before it was back!
    P.S. I couldn't find any info about the dar of your giveaway (diary)...
    Cheers from Australia

  2. Hey I found you!
    Pants to hackers. Your new blog looks good m'dear. X

  3. Ali!!!! my 3rd follower :) xxx thankU