Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Follow & Win.... it is that simple!

 IF you come to my blog...
and IF you become a follower...
and IF you want to win some nice stuff...
 Then that is a nice thing, right?
Come, see, read, think, like?
then 'Follow Me' and you will be entered in a draw
where you can win buttons and felt and maybe a book...
There will be MANY winners :)
Yes, multiple winners!
Beacuse i am kind and because my new blog needs building.
 x x x
Leave a comment and leave me your blog link?


  1. Goan then!
    Multiple is good, I may even win something, even better.

  2. Would love to blog though..sorry

  3. I just entered the blog world. I haven't decided on what theme I'll start with but recently I developed an interest to sewing and knitting :&

  4. Buttons? BUTTONS? Count me in! (if I'm not too late.)

  5. Ohhh what a lovely blog - I just stumbled across it looking for something else but i'm SO glad I came :) It's pretty here! You love buttons as much as me I think.
    I'm here, by the way:

  6. I've just discovered your blog while looking for new craft blogs to read, and I'm now following :)
    My blog is here:

  7. I clicked on your blog from AThriftyMrs and I'm in craft heaven - hurrah! My link

  8. Got here from Bugs & Fishes and you are just my kind of blog!

  9. I didn't realise you had moved or that you had been hacked. What a nightmare.

  10. lovely new blog! popped over here via bugs & fishes!

  11. love your new blog, I am a new follower too...

  12. I was wondering where you are! found you via bugs and fishes.

  13. Laura sent me!!(bugs and fishes)

  14. Love your blog. I have just come over from Bugs and Fishes which I read a couple of times a week. I don't have a blog myself, sorry. However I do promise to read you every week and tell my friends about you. By the way, I seriously love felt and buttons particularly for pincushions.

  15. Hola, hola!! Que lindo blog tienes, según estoy leyendo es relativamente nuevo, pero lindo... acabo de conocerlo y estoy leyendo lo de los premios, amiga no mencionas cuando se termina el sorteo y si aceptas de otras nacionalidades... así que me quedé pensando y me dije que me iba a anotar, si hay alguna contestación negativa a las 2 dudas que tengo, no hay ningún problema... de todos modos les deseo mucha suerte..
    Te dejo mis datos:

    P.D. Lamentablemente no sé inglés, tuve que usar el traductor de google... lo siento.. ♥