Saturday, 21 April 2012

Card Making with fabric scraps...

 I wanted to make a batch of cards for the local shop where i sell a few bits and pieces.
I start by cutting a block of fusible webbing and then iron on scraps of any fabrics that i feel like using.
 I would love to tell you that i plan all these out and have a good method of execution... but alas, i sort of wing it all! i have a vague idea / style in my head that i feel like making but mostly i like to see what happens.
I cut out lots of shapes from the fabric scraps - making sure the shapes will fit on a standard card.
 I put the cards and the fabric scraps all together at the same time - rtaher than making 'one card at a time' as it were. Then run them through the sewing machine to give them a scrappy look.
 I have pages of pre-printed sentiments, just from my PC...
then try and fit a sentiment to a scene. It seems to work itself out OK.
 And, if i feel it needs it, i will pop a wee button on the finished card.
 And then, when the cards are dry, i finish the back with the branding.
Pop them in a plastic card wallet with an envelope inside.
20 or so cards, ready for sale, made in an hour or two.
Easy rainy day project - why not make a batch for yourself? and then you have a stash of perfect cards for any occasion and people will think you are properly clever :)


  1. "sew" cute! Tell me please, where do you pick your fab material from? Those cards are so fun and cheery!

  2. They are absolutely lovely! X

  3. all over! local to me "The Bramble Patch" in weedon Northants UK

  4. What a lovely idea! :) Am I allowed to be cheeky and ask where you got your printed labels from, I've had some from vistaprint, but I've never seen it with the text going around - glorious! x thank you and best buttony wishes Allison x

  5. a local printers - designed by me & Mac worked by my Sister :)

  6. I started doing my own printed sentiments last year and it made card making so much easier, it's really changed how I make them.
    It's also enabled me to make a range of Irish language cards which have now become my biggest sellers(I'm thinking of ditching the English range altogether just to streamline things a bit)

    These are adorable, I particularly love your button sticker on the back!