Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Thrift-ish...

 OKAY - to say these were 'thrifted' would give completely the wrong impression.
i too, would love it, if i had been passing my local Charity Shop and this teapot had been snaffled up by me, for £2.00
Alas - this is not so.
It was thrifted, at some point, by somebody - and then they put it in their vintage Warehouse Unit...
and i bought it.
 Seriously, i do not know how i get through so many teapots...
I suspect i use VERY hot water and then, over time, i catch them and chip and the tea ends up seeping out from cracks that have found their way through the glaze.
Tis fair enough i suppose, they get used 2, 3, 4 times per day.
Heavy duty Tea Abuse = walk this way.
Anyhow, it is the perfect size, never been used and has a sort of barge look to it that i like muchly.
Sold to the lady with the crazy daughter doing precarious Ninja Kicks through the Vinatge wares *gulp*
 And then.... the hen....
I have looooonnngggg since had chicken envy of my friends 'proper thrifted' bird
And i knew this Easter i had to own my own.
She is perfect! and she will help us transport the amazing Easter Rocky Road
from my house - to their house - and present it in a deeply satisfying theatrical manner.
Huzzah for Hens!
 So, second-hand thrifted, not actually 'thrifted by me', but still the full joy of a vintage catch and the satisfaction that these items are being re-used, and appreciated in a new home.
Roll on Easter Day - i have been saving myself for a full on chocolate blow out!!
have a fresh one! x

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