Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's ALL Jubilee and Olympic Crafts...

 And why not??
I love any excuse to make quirky stuff!!
 SO: what cool stuff can we make for the Fete's and fayres and parties and Children's workshops?
 Brooches - Bunting - Cards - Scrapbooks / scrapbook pages
 Guess how many Buttons in the jar competition - Chains - jewelery
 Posters - Themed Pet Collars - Bracelets - Mobiles - Invitaions
 Cake Toppers....
 London baby, has always had that edge of cool.
I'm not coming over all uber-patriotic here (note the ironic use of a German word in sentence about patriotism) But i am 'any excuse for a knees up' kind of a girl.
 We are organising a PARTY IN THE PARK in our village
which will involve bands playing and food late into the night
AND there will be a best-dressed Gazebo competition.
SO..... you know i've got my eye on making some extra amazing BUNTING especially.
 Word Up - Hazel, Mel, Girls.... i've got the bunting covered.
I'm thinking we want to get spray painting some old furniture and bits - let's go for a theme:
Alice in Wonderland does Jubilee Decs BIG styleee... with teaaaaa.....
Feel free to tell me what you are making / eating / drinking / decorating for the Jubilee weekend.
get organised!!!

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  1. So sorry about your old blog... how heart-breaking and frustrating for you!

    Love your red, white and blue stuffs! If its any consolation I hope you love this blog more :-]