Saturday, 7 April 2012

Want to Feeeel like Me right now?

 Would you like to feel like me? how i feel right now?
Why not, it might be fun, for a change...?
 Pop a jacket on - one with a nice tight band at the bottom.
Fill the jacket with knobbly big rocks....
Now find the top of a big tall hill.... and roll down it.
Then RUN home.
 Be excited in your head, that tomorrow you get to see your Sister :)
But a little bit worried that the dog seems a bit off his food today.
But pleased that you managed to walk him far today.
But worried that you have a great deal of paperwork to do :(
 And now sit in front of your computer doing useless stuff that is SOOOoooooo not a priority
(whilst listening to really loud TUNES on the i-player)
and, as your body starts to stiffen and seize up from all those injuries you incurred during that DUMB roll down a hill,
fill your head and chest with utter panic - that in 5 weeks, you are competing in THIS:
You see, you too can feeeeel like me...
Stiff, Sore, Tired, Panicked, Happy, Complete, Positive and a little Bonkers
Get your groove on people - the lighter days are here and it feels great to work out
(sort of...) x x x

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