Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WINNER of the Pip Lincolne Journal....

 There was a long unfortunate delay in the pulling out of this WINNER!
Sorry for that but you know my cyber-life was turned upside down since the major hack occured....
 But i am so pleased to be sending this beautiful and inspirational journal to......::::
Anita J****!
Who bought some crafty stuffs from my http://www.lovepaperfish.com/ shop
and that makes me happy as i have only ever had Etsy Customer winners before so Hooray for Anita.
 All wrapped and ready to go over to you Anita - you know where you are!!

And, how about i launch yet another fun giveaway...?
Keep your eyes on the blog because there is more Freebies to come.
You can enter *now* even if you don't know what you are entering in to win.
Simply by FOLLOWING my blog - becoming a follower, you will gain immediate entry into a full DRAW in which many people will win Craft Prizes.
Details to follow.... x

1 comment:

  1. Congrats for Anita... I have to admit my heart was pumping hard when reading "the winner is..." LOL