Friday, 20 April 2012

You can never have too many...

 Off the top of my head, a Craft Monster can never have too many:
Letter Sets (PC Fonts are just not the same)
Vintage Trugs (endless uses for all stashing possibilities)
Baskets... all sizes
 Glass Jars and Pots (glass or plastic as long as they are transparent!)
Journals and sketchbooks
 Craft Books (ahem.)
Buttons (also, ahem.)
Baskets for all old scraps
Stickers and Labels
Cups of Tea! (ok, AND cake)
 Embroidery Silks
Coloured Pens - just because
Tape Measures (all over the house and in various handbags)
What else are we Crafters seriously in need of hoarding....?


  1. I think you have it covered mrs! For me, needles and needle books.

    Glad people are finding you, everyone needs a Fishy in their life!

  2. of the top of my head; which doesn't really function on a Friday! :)

    Ribbon, lots an lots of ribbon!
    Empty bobbins for matching up threads. Or those old bobbins with those little bits left on them, that you swear you'll use!
    Glue sticks.
    Bias binding.
    Wool, a lot of wool.

  3. I love pincushions, I always use a magnetic one and a normal one at the same time. Lately I have taken to making lots of lovely pincushions as presents as they are so lovely.

    Also, fabric! I can't resist another pretty fat quarter. At the minute I am in love with ricrac and pom pom trim.

  4. balls of wool & knitting needles
    ribbons & ricrac
    & reels of thread {have a boxfull - but always find i need to go & buy one, as i never have the exact match!}

  5. I am bad for forgetting the knitters as i cannot knit :( you YarnBombs!

  6. scissors... small and intricate, pinking shears, big fabric ones, paper ones, kitchen ones...
    Cameras... maybe that's just me :-)