Thursday, 10 May 2012

Postage Increase...

 I am still umm-ing and ahhh-ing over the best way to deal with this price increase.
In the case of the UK it has been pretty easy - everything is £3.00 to send now, within the UK so no matter how small or large, £3.00 is your postage fee. I think that seems fair for Post and Packaging but if you have a large parcel worth over £40.00 - it is still free via
 But Europe! and the WORLD!?
My how they have hiked high.
Do i set a standard fee as £5.00 for the whole of the world? then bite the bullet and swallow up the lost postage on items over 250g - because buttons weigh alot! and most parcels easily sore over 250g....
do i set the minimum charge as £4.20 and go up in increments of 60p per item?
It is a nasty one.
But we in the UK still have relatively low postage compared to many other Euro countries.
I am mostly worried about the effect this is going to have on my overseas customers - of which is approx. 50% of my business.
Things will have to change. Prices will have to rise a little.
Sorry folks but i hope you understand? and many of you are in the same boat as me as you sell your pretties online. What are your thoughts? strategies?
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  1. Oh the whole price increase has had me in a tail spin. To send one of my button bracelets 1st Class Recorded to a UK address used to be about £2.07, it is now £3.65. Sending one to the States used to be about £1.80 or so, now it's £3.30, nearly $5. It just seems so high. I am not complaining about the service, I have posted thousands of parcels and only one has ever gone missing BUT I worry that my US customers will just stop buying, I need to experiment with prices and postal costs and see what happens. It's just another blow to sales, that and copyists replicating items and selling them for half the price. Trying to be positive I suppose it's another reason to keep on being innovative, developing new ideas and creating items that are so delicious that no postal cost would get in the way. ON WARDS AND UPWARDS dude. x

  2. I think you have hit something i hadn't appreciated LadyG - the (bad) hobbyist sellers might fall by the wayside a bit as people will want quality and maybe quantity for the price of postage... i always try and get 'many items' from any one online shop to make the most of the postage cost so i think others will feel this way too? esp. overseas??? hmmm, good thoughts batlady.