Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vintage Bug Buttons... and other pretty stuffs!

 So... the manufacturer of these pretty tiny spotty buttons, they are having a change about and i think they are stopping / replacing many of their colours. Booo because the previous 'Love Bugs' were just stunning. But Huzzah! too, because the new colours are pretty, in their own way.
 These are now "Vintage Bugs" because the colours are softer and muted: blk, grey, vanilla, strawberry, lichen, sky blue... super happy and still 240 per bag.
 These 6 buttons are newly listed too.
You know i am an addict for the bright and bold but i do get requests for softer pastel shades so i make an attempt to stock these too. They are very pretty, don't mistake me, they just aren't colours i use
- viva la difference!! an all that.
 in we have 2 new bias binds in stunning prints. I am in love and wish i could cover my house in new bunting LOVE. esp, that grey one on the right - LOVE.
 And still in the etsy PFish shop, i am listing some ribbons - i might put alllllll the ribbon stock into that shop? free up some more eye space for new buttons in BigFish??? but it is a big job.
And still addicted to making new NeedleBooks :)

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