Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Covered Button Craft...

 Playing with Self Cover Buttons is... addictive.
There is so much you can do with them!
I love getting my scraps stash out and make up a few to add to the bowl of 'buttons just incase i need them'...
 For any of you neeeewwww to this idea - don't think of them as a 'button' in the traditional sense.
Think of them as an embellishment and then the possibilities are endless.
 I have used them:
on Bunting
as hair bobbles
on hairslides
as the centre of flower brooches
on embroidery hoop pictures
as brooches on their own...
 Below are my largest Self Cover set.
I like these (approx 38mm?) because you can really create a mini art work.
I love choosing the fabrics and all the little details.
 Below, i started with a linen disc and added all the embellishments to it before gathering it all together and gluing it into the self cover button. These big covers are easy because:
a) you don't need a tool to snap them closed
b) being plastic you can use a good glue on it to make doubly secure without worrying about the volatility if you were using metal covers.
 Below is the work of Jess Sharp...
LOVE her stuff.... pretty x go see!
one my all time FAV brooches of hers is on *SALE* too.

Anyway - keep your eyes peeled in the shop where i will be adding packs of self cover buttons in various sizes (with Tools) and scrap stash bags to play with.
Have a grrrreat weekend if i don't see you before?

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  1. I heart Nellie and Elsie too. I have a Mr Darcy button Jess sent me as an extra. She is a sweetheart for extras.

    I think I may have those cove button things somewhere. So much crafting stuff, it's easy to forget what I have!

    Have a great weekend my love. xxx