Sunday, 10 June 2012

I ain't never seen a wild thing sorry for itself...

 There is NO other reality than the reality you make for yourself.
There is no other life than the life you are in, the life you make for yourself
 (~ what your Maker has planned for after that, is His business ~)
 There are plenty of hours in your day, in my day, so let's fill them with meaningful shit.
I am serious.
I cannot listen to any more of your own,  or my own,  lists of "why i didn't get that done this week"...

I am fatter than i would like to be because a) i eat too many calories in my day and b) i allow media images to convince me thin = pretty. I can stop that, if i choose to.
 Whatever motivates you 'maaaan'
Whatever makes you want to get out bed in the morning and say "this is my life"
Whatever it is that makes you get dressed (or not) and get on with your day - use it.
I am in danger of becoming some kind of Nike advertising here - "JUST DO IT" - n all that.
 "you are always so bloody cheerful in the mornings" - a school mum said to me.
GOOD! i want to be and I am! if i could not find a single thing that morning to smile about then truly i have hit a dark scary place.
What is it that motivates YOU?
 Maybe i have watched too many war films recently? you know 'gggrrrrr'
I love war films. I love US armed forces films.
GI Jane is like my bible (title quote is used in that film)
and Full Metal Jacket has played over and over in the back of my mind since the first time i saw it.
There is a time and a place for self-pity, for sadness, for a day under the duvet and a tub of Ben & Jerrys.
If that is your day most days - fine! do it. If it makes you truly happy DO IT. Enjoy it.
It isn't for me. I want to run a marathon, and eat like a pig with my friends, and do some gardening with my dad, and lift heavy weights whilst people tell me i am 'obsessed', and run my own business, play in the swimming pool with my daughter, take my dog running....
and that is just one weekend...
x x x