Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pretty Lace Edged Bias Bind...

 These are being added to shop
(sold in 5 metre lengths, because i always make my bunting in 2.5 metre lengths)
 There are 3 Polka Dot colours:
Seafoam, Red, Raspberry and 1 floral = Meadow
Then 1 superb cherry and strawberry design!
 These are pre-folded bias ready to use.
The lace edge adds something very new to our pretty bunting / bias designs.
I could not resist them!!
 And, 2 new colours in our big flower button collection - purple and pear.
Something new to play with, nice and Summery!!.... Summery???
 Whilst the sun was out briefly yesterday, i had a lovely few hours cutting and tying and packaging and sorting and generally playing with new supplies. My FAVOURITE part of my job is organising all the supplies in the studio... i know, i lead a small life.
 And you'd want to imagine me stood in a beautiful linen dress with wacky stripe tights and a mad pink cardigan with awesome leather boots to finish (well, that is what i would have liked to see me in!)
Instead, i ruin the image with me stood in a mad Hulk Style T'shirt and, button fans,... i STINK!
having spent the morning gym-ing.
i love a life of extremes :)
Here's hoping we do get some more sunshine people
and happy LONGEST DAY! x x x


  1. I was imagining you naked actually!!

    That bias binding is lovely. I need to make something with felt or fabric, it's been a while. Hope you are a happy fishy! X

  2. hahhahaHA!! Ali! you shocker... i look dreadful naked :)

  3. How amazing is that binding!! I wish I had had some last week when I made some bunting for a wedding shower, it would have been perfect.