Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kirsty does Cath Kidston Quilt...

 I am feeling nostalgic and reflective today...
I don't feel i have done 'very well' of late.
I seem to have managed to neglect / fail to nurture some very important relationships in my life.
Anyway, awareness of a problem is most of the way toward fixing it hey?
 I was fishing around the PC and found some pretty photos.
they are more to perk myself up but if they inspire you to be / make/ think beautiful too, then all the better.
 I made a few of these Cath Kidston quilts and i still think they are super pretty.
I also love my Artisan bunting below and i have a stack halllllf finished - gulp!
 Planning and sketching out in the garden...
what i really want to show you are the photos of my dog getting grOOmed!! but i can't find the camera lead since i did a massive hewge tidy up of the office... you know that, we all do it.... where is it??
 and what else is new in FishLand?
 - a new tattoo
 - a climbing course
 - a bad back
 - another crazy obstacle course
 - plans for business expansion in 2013...
Someone tell Father Time... i seem to MISSING a few extra hours in my day!?
x x x
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  1. Lovely pics, lovely post xxx we all feel this way sometimes. Eternal struggle for balance x

  2. Not enough hours and then some...

    I always have that page open when I'm pondering quilt making. It's my favourite one in the material obsession book. Great minds etc...

    Colourful as always my friend and lovely, always lovely!!