Thursday, 9 August 2012

"I am Ready........"

 GB in this year 2012 has been a huge influence of positivity on millions of us.
There is something so affirmative about the ACHIEVEMENTs that these people, 'our people' have harnassed...
As regular Fishes, many of you already know i am alllll about harnessing the power of positivity.
IF you want something it IS within your reach.

so, i read a thing the other day about starting your day with
"Iam Ready......" and you fill in your blank.
"Iam ready to / for / with...."
Yesterday was BIG for me as i said to myself:
"Iam ready to train, to help my poorly back" (injury!!)
And it was huge. I haven't trained properly for so long due to this injury. And i made that the primary focus for my day. Everything else happend around THAT goal and secondary to / in support of that goal. That was the FOCUS of my day.
SO much of what i read, feel, believe and work towards does come from the focus and concentration that comes from training: sprinting, running, lifting weights.
It is a beautiful feeling to focus intently on one small goal.
Now, i want to teach myself to carry that focus over to areas of my life that i struggle with or that are hard to focus on / find the love for!!
(for me that is my book-keeping or tackling the garden!)

      "I AM Ready......     "
Try it??
You can allllways do something to improve your happiness


  1. I am ready to eat a whole tub of ice cream to make myself feel better about not looking as good as Kirsty.

    No? More positivity? Okay. I am ready to dust off my running shoes and earn myself some endorphins the old fashioned way. I'm going to need some ice cream for energy though.

    Beautiful and inspiring words from a beautiful and inspiring person. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nothing beats the single minded focus of training!! You are so right about finding ways to let it wash into the other areas of our lives...x

  3. oh hello BJ and your kind words... whoever you may be!Ice-Cream is a staple in my diet :)
    As is MrsB love x