Thursday, 16 August 2012

wholesale orders for Christmas... and life bits!

Christmas??? Don't panic... too much.
I have just been putting together my first wholesale orders for Christmas 2012, i kid you not.
I have reduced the number of handmade items i sell for wholesale - this year has been somewhat of a relaxed retail year. I have missed the income but realistically i just cut right back on all my non-essentials and it helped.
 What has slowly begun is the ordering of wholesale supplies for you dear stash customers!
If i can get these items ordered in early enough, i can guarantee:
The amounts you need / the colours you need / quick delivery / better prices...
Every year i feeeeel peoples pain as they email me:
"Kirsty, i need 5 of these and i need them tomorrow for an order..."
I cannot work magic my loves, although i do have a SuperHero complex.
 So, my advice (whether you order supplies from my shops or not tis the same advice)
Plan - on paper:
The item you are making
The measurements
Allll the ingredients
The number of those items you want to make
and then put all your stash order together in one lump.
It saves time and hassle and money.
It is what i do for all my Christmas stock to make sure i don't run out of the essential items.
 I already have my work list put together of what still needs making for Xmas 2012
I will begin putting together all the bits n pieces and stock taking my statsh STRAIGHT after i blog this because then i know, when i fancy a bit of sewing, all the bits i need will be ready.
Sickeningly organised, i know.
Efficient and worthy of emulating?? probably xxx

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