Thursday, 27 September 2012

Crafty Christmas Preparations...

If Christmas is one long stress fest for you, then look away now...
I love it and i look forward to it. But i don't like the stress! and i hate the commercialism. You won't catch me near any shopping centres from mid October, THAT is everything i hate about Christmas!
But all the cooking and pickling and crafting - you can enjoy all this in advance...

I made these Deco Hoops at the last minute last year, with scraps left over from other bits i had been making. But this year i am starting early and i plan to make some smaller 4" hoops using linen and some crochet bits for a more vintage feel.
 You can check out Lupins Blog -
where she currently has some Angel patterns and is also putting together an Angel embroidery pattern... they would look great on these hoops x - Mandy Shaw has some beautiful embroidery designs too.
I must review her book again for you because it is stunning and practical and inspiring!
Why not make an entire wall of these? you can fill each one with fabric scraps, and the best thing is, you can easily change the fabrics whenever you want?
Buy 24 small hoops and make an advent calender!...
The point is, think now - plan now - collect the ingredients now...
and you can enjoy all the most lovely bits of Christmas long before all the stressy bits rear their grumpy faces at you.
Treat your CRAFTing the same way you'd treat your COOKing... plan it, get the ingredients and put that time aside to do it.
Its more fun that way!
(and then blog it and share it with us!!)
I have a few new ideas and crafty makes coming up over the next few weeks,
keep tuned! x x x


  1. Whoop, yaaaaaay, hurrah, yipeeee, fandabbydoosy *doing a little Christmas jig* :-)

  2. There's nowt wrong with Christmas!! Bought myself some Christmas fabrics and artificial flowers for an arrangement the other's coming, gotta get prepared!!!!