Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hallowe'en Wreath....? what a cool crafty idea!

(above: Thanksgiving Wreath -
 This post is like a crazzzzzyyyyy ourpouring of waffle n stuff n allll my Sunday Morning thoughts...
I have so much BUZZING in my head! and the question that needs careful planning to answer is:
HOW am i going to fit all my awesome-ness into the minimal hours that stretch ahead....
 I had such a productive and exciting week last week but, as always, that makes me THINK all the more.
The weather has shifted and immediately my sewing buzz and creative head kicks in. It is like a switch.
I did lots of sewing for the SNOWFISH shop :)
I did lots of listing and photographing and ordering the Christmas stock / Fall stock.
I have had ALOT of physio on my very poorly Sacrum that has been crippling me for months...
BUT i also made a real attempt to stop hating my injury and start learning to exercise around it.
I have started a new eating plan to help keep me ultra fit and full and productive.
I still have a work list as long as my arm! but i am not going to stress it. I am going to find the time in every day / week to accomplish what it is i want.
Hallowe'en wreath - i know!! coooool huh?
Secretly hoping no-one will buy it then i can use it forever n ever.
(Bat NOT included, my daughter would go spare - she loves that toy. But you can add your own spooky details to a Hallowe'en wreath....)
Gorgeous postal deliveries this week...
 And, as ever, a beautiful stack of fabrics for which i have plans to make things for me and mine...
will that ever happen??  *sigh*
Of course it will. I believe that. We all have negative days but generally I am YODA!
'No, i will try' - only - 'I will DO'
So, beautiful people, know this:
good things can come from 'trying' and planning and dreaming and wanting.
AWESOMENESS happens from believing and doing.
'To do'... that is the verb we crafters live by, surely?
x x x 

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