Sunday, 16 September 2012

i *heart* patchwork (and i do, i do...)

 I know that this photo fills you with joy and anticipation and relaxation and inspiration... i know that, because thats how a shelf of craft books makes me feel, and we are the same aren't we?
ANY book, 2 or 3, pull them down to be read over a cuppa tea.
 This is one i have had for a few years now...
i *heart* patchwork by Rashida Coleman-Hale
published by Interweave (lush books)
 It has a superb balance of highly stylised and staged shots just to feed our hearts,
and plenty of good detailed shots and instructions to feed our heads.
A heady mix indeed. Many craft books miss this balance i feel.
 A project with eyelets... now i LOVE an eyelet, especially giant ones!
There is so much to inspire you in here. Alot of ZAKKA and colour wheels and linens and the use of scraps to adorn tea towels, make pin cushions, mobiles, purses..
How to attatch a zip! and many basic techniques.
 Here are some of my patchwork bed cushions that are definately inspired by my patchwork books.
There is no pattern or plan followed with these - just randomness :)
 Rashida's book is also a cute square size 9x9 inches
so an easy size to transport around with you.
That is an Amazon link IF you want it.
I think there is one on there for £12.00...
But you can't have mine !!! i luffs it.


  1. Love the look of this book. May have to put it on my Wish List. The book I have a major case of the 'wanties' over is Hexa-go-go. I love paper piecing patchwork and *need* a book dedicated to hexies.
    Love your cushions Fishy!

  2. hey lady xx i seen your hexy busy-ness