Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scottie Dog grrooooming...

 Come oooooonnnn - what's not to love!?
Mr Baggins getting a good grooming. Well overdue. Thank goodnes we didn't have too hot a Summer hey?
 Coz he was a rescue dog n all that, i left him a good year before i started prodding and preening him.
I left him away from the V-E-T and the groomers because i wanted him to feel all safe and loved before i scared the B-jeewhizz out of him.
 He was a fairly good boy so i imagine he has been groomed before...
It took an age! (i think the groomer was secretly loving getting her hands on a Scottie Boy)
 He got indignant after -it is waht Scotties do apparantly.
And i agree with Mr Baggins, too much off his eyebrows and ears. I did ask for that to be left longer... especially his eyebrows. I loved his loooooong eyebrows.
But, they'll grow back!?
 Oh you booootiful boy!
Look at youuuuu. All over now BoyBoy, relax.
... i found my Camera Lead - yipppeee!!
So i'll show you the new tattoo and our mini Summer Festival....


  1. He's so handsome! I have two scotties myself, my boy being a rescue. My husband thought I was seriously insane because I was so nervous and anxious about leaving him at the groomers the first time. Like your lovely scot, mine did just fine! I love their eyebrows too!