Monday, 3 September 2012

The Tattoooo of PoWeR....! sort of...

(same day - bit sore)
 New tattooo - it has been annoying me for 18 years.... the fact that there was a gap in my armband.
I had the armband when i was 19yrs old. I have always felt the absence in that gap.
So it has taken me a whole lifetime to finish it.
I was young and in turmoil when i had the band and i do feel like that was a different person to the she that is here now.
 So, this is the correct way up, when my arm is in the air because it is only visable when my arm is up.
It is supposed to be a symbol of POWER but who knows.
It was ok and it fitted - i did not put a great deal of time and effort into what i was having,
and that is why i am so Rock n Roll kids. Who cares? its only a picture.
 Now you see it
Now you don't
I haven't finished yet. I feel a lack of Tat on my ankle and on my thigh so i need to save my pennies and sort the design.
Who needs food n petrol n school uniform for kids
when you can have tatttooooos!?
Peekaboooo xxx

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