Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Button accessories.... make make make!

 I got this book an age ago, from a supplier i think?? twas years anyway.
Then a customer saw it in a product shot and asked me about it, so i re-discovered it!
 It is actually fantastic if you really want to get heavily into button jewelery making and accessories.
Because there IS stuff you need to know and understand - especially glues!!
 You need to know and understand and believe us when we tell you - epoxy resin glues are pretty much the only glue that is any good when bonding buttons with metal.....
and i have tried superglues and my favourite do anything HI-TACK... but they are not stable and they crack and they mutate or don't stick fast after a week or so.
 I love most of the projects in this book - lots of differents ways of making the simplest pieces.
Boooootiful buttons being your most staple ingredient (of course)
 Even these few photos can give you a few pointers and ideas, no?
I didn't think it would still be available to buy - but it looks like there is a copy on Amazon...
It isn't cheap, but neither should good books be cheap! (the curse of Amazon!)
 My advice for one-off beautiful pieces of button jewelery is to keep a seperate stash of your vintage / specials / one offs / unique in an embroidery silks box (with the many little compartments) and then keep your bulk buttons in jars - either as seperate colours or basic colour themes....
That way you will always have them 'sorted' whenever the mood to create strikes you.
Keep all your wires and glue and tools together too. Then you can whip out the workbox as quick as you can say - OOOooooohh, i love Buttons x
Enjoy - Create - Make Gifts - make Whoooopie x

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