Sunday, 28 October 2012

Here is my current PONDER... and some PlanB

Here is my genuine PONDER and it is currently pecking at my thoughts in a very annoying manner.
I would genuinely love your ideas and thoughts on this because you guys so often have things that i have failed to think of.

 If, like me, you are a natural 'Giver' and happily help / offer to help... in fact its second nature, impulsive, it wouldn't occur to me NOT to jump in and assist people when they ask.... then WHEN is that moment you stop and say, 'now, you are taking the piss' and you realise the giving is being taken for granted?
Do you keep on 'giving' because you believe you are actually giving for a 'higher purpose' / a loftier reason, like you will receive your rewards in heaven? or a Karmic system will reap its own circle of rewards? or it feels right for you as a person?
Because i don't feel like i give 'to receive'. i don't need to feel your gratitude, its not that sort of giving BUT i stand in my kitchen on a Sunday morning and realise i have done nothing but give this week and somehow i am feeling a little taken for granted and that might not be so good for my soul....

 - HERE is a sudden thought... maybe i am just failing to see what IS being given to me already?

*sigh* - here is a random. Anyone who cannot see that PlanB is an acoustic GOD is clearly bonkers
x x x


  1. This may not be of any help whatsoever, but I always try to remember that there's a difference between being taken for granted and being taken advantage of.

    People do sometimes fail to see what's being given to them, but that doesn't devalue it. That only happens when they're completely aware of the sacrifices others make for them, but they still make no attempt to change their circumstances so those sacrifices are no longer necessary.

    Make sure you give to yourself this week. A little self indulgence can go a long way.

  2. i hear you. I suppose i don't mind being taken for granted because i take it for granted that all humans are kind and generally 'good' because that is a good place to take people from? but taking advantage is a whole different thing...?
    And i love the word VALUE - there are a million debates to be had on the value of things.
    B J

    1. Indeed there are. And it's all completely subjective. The value we assign to things can vary wildly depending on our circumstances and experiences. But it has no real effect on the things in question.

      So while it can feel unpleasant to be undervalued, it really shouldn't. You're still the same wonderful person.

    2. I conclude, that i feel like i am failing somewhat in getting what it is 'i need' (emotionally) thusfore.... i shall stop trying...? we could be here all month!?

  3. I keep coming back to this post, hoping to either find great words of wisdom to help you, or find great words of wisdom from someone else, that will help me.
    I'm with you on this but just don't have those words for you. I wonder myself, if I'm missing what I'm being given - think I need someone to point out the bleedin' obvious?! Still feeling raw from last week - it was my birthday and hubby and two of my three children forgot! :-( ...... Ah! Well! That's life?
    But on a brighter note.... the black and white photo above..... Are you.... *whisper* sucking your thumb? Because that is EXACTLY what and how I do when I feel particularly stressed/upset/etc! :-D If not I've just made a right numpty of myself.
    I really hope you are feeling better soon. If I come across those words of wisdom, I'l be back. Take Care.

  4. Jude! U r breaking my heart. I wish u a belated Happy Birthday xx I think maybe it's ok for us to stand up in the middle of a crowded room sometimes and shout "Hellllooo, I am Kirsty / Jude and I matter" ? X

    1. Hey! I wasn't supposed to be making you feel sorry for me..... lol! I'll survive the birthday thing - I've had enough of them now.. :-D Thank you for the good wishes.
      And they'll pay........ Have card and internet will buy my own pressies! Hehehe. I've just had a great night at work - yeah! I know! Work? We had a Halloween event and we dressed up and cackled like witches, scaring the kids and tonight I feel better.
      Yes. We do matter. So after making use of the card and internet maybe I'll ask them for the money.....
      And then we both have to stand up and scream "I matter"?
      I really hope you feel better about things soon. Get yelling! :-) Jude.xx

  5. Kirsty has no intention of offending Jude :) but you see how instantly emotional and sentimental i am! i feeeelt for you and you didn't even need it!? hahaha xxx
    My name is Kirsty and i truly am a sop x

  6. :-D The good wishes were very much appreciated - I admit to feeling sorry for myself for a while until I realised I had the card and internet! LOL
    I have just pinned a couple of things on Pinterest that made me laugh; and think! One says "I am already disturbed. Please come in" The other"Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world there's an idiot pulling a door that says "Push""; that really made me laugh because the visitor centre door where I work is 'the wrong way round' and a guy must have spent a whole minute pushing it to try to get in, today! I know! I should have helped. But it was just funnier not to; and I needed to laugh! Am I wicked? :-D x