Friday, 5 October 2012

More Spool Drooool - crafty delight

 Eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr HELLO!
If you do not think that these spools are just beautiful, then why are you even in my blog?
Because this blog is fuuuuuulllll of the beautiful world of Haberdashery.
 *excited piggy snort*
looooook!! so very pretty
(why do i keep adding sooooooo many extra letters to my words?)

 Of course i am selling some, duh! i couldn't waft these in front of your lovely wee faces and say
"mine mine all mine, go dream"
It would be wrong (it would be cruel)
Come here my pretties......
 Sets of 3 - so much mileage in the photography joy,
winding trims n ribbons
storing pretty bias binding
popping them in a basket or on a shelf and thinking vintage thoughts...
Baby is 1.5inch tall
Big Sister is 2.5inches
Mama Spool is 4.5inches
So, yep, that is me satisfied and all cosy n whimsy n inspired.
*shall sleep happy tonight*


  1. Your blog is funky and fabulous! I'm so glad I dropped by!! I'm so sorry Hackers got your first blog! Tammy xx

  2. awwww i love messages like yours! thankyou!! x