Saturday, 3 November 2012

Craft Shop News...

There has to be some Shop News... it cannot be all ponderings and philosophies..
So: £7 for 20 BOW BUTTONS in limited number just because i had stack of extra in stock for these colours...
**NEW** colour spotty buttons - soft Dove Grey spotties :) hooora!
Available in 100 bags at the moment... then they will be added to the standard 130 polka dot party button bag, but i will ne-name it the 140 bag... ya see what's happening there!?
AND... a few packets of these gorgeous Polka Dot Washi Tapes are in: (Hardware Section)
in a pack of 3 just because i was using some and thought they'd make a cute stocking filler if you guys n gals wanted any.
Gotta dash, because i have done far toooo much work today.
The sooner I: get to the gym, get in the spa, get home, eat masses AND put on my slippers... the sooner i can sit in a cozy chair, watch a DVD and do some sewing.
Every day has a finally tuned plan my friends - and that is how it alllll gets achieved!


  1. Those boots look so snuggly. Like having your own personal Ewok cuddling each leg.