Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Stock update... and apologia....

 Just incase you are bananas LIKE ME! and shop at the last minute, i am delivering you a public service announcement.
3 Packs of Caribou left for this year, plus maybe 1 each of the Limited Edition pink n white babies
 2 gingerbread boys and 2 in the girlie colours - this is my absolute favourite range and how i decorate my little home.
 Babushka Dolls are nearly depleted and i am not sewing anymore thiiiisss year but i have plans for 2013....
(if it comes off i will be most awesome)
And lots of wreaths done and shipped.
+++ 2 Lime / 1 Gingerbread / 1 Tomte / 1 aqua n red left - that is ALL! +++
Thankyou AUSTRALIA!!! who seem to love the bright colours and bold buttons.
You win my award for biggest SnowFish shoppers for 2011 and 2012 
I love you and i love that you love my wacky sense of Christmas joy!

ALLLLLL Ribbons and Trims and FELT and Buttons are well stocked - except WHITE Felt Balls are low low low,,,,,, just giving you the info as it happens....

I promise to do better other blogging in 2013 and not just quick shop updates 
(slaps own wrist)

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