Sunday, 16 December 2012

Closing down the ETSY PaperFish all about it!

Sooooo What's new? Why am i closing down the sales at 
The shop will remain static and empty for a while, maybe forever?!
This is all part of my previous post - FOCUS. To pin down and focus on strong elements of my business  Questioning what works on which platforms? making PaperFish a slicker working model so that all the important parts of the machine can run more efficiently.
I do not function well or to my maximum unless i close off ideas and opportunities - that sounds crazy right? But, in my head, i see my mental focus as ME stood in the middle of a circle, surrounded by open doors.
When these doors become toooo many, i have to shut some. I cannot keep too many doors open else i become overwhelmed and un-focused. So that is what i am doing....
So.... until relevant stocks are depleted / moved to different shops / there is:
FREE UK SHIPPING on anything in the ETSY PaperFish shop only
Also INTERNATIONAL shipping is capped at £4 / $6.50 USD approx.
You cannot add items from the other shops. (We will have a huge SALE DAY at the end of February as we do every year!! where i can sell off mistake stock purchases and generally treat you all to some insanely low prices) but until further notice, take advantage for some cute little gifts for yourself or friends.
Then i can shut this shop and make my world smaalllleeerrrrr x
 I have started chatting with a fellow craft business owner and we are going to do some cross-promotion with each other... again, starting to DO the things i said i needed to do. Not waiting for 2013 / for a blue moon / for an 'opportunity'... i make my own opportunities by sharing with other people.
 BigFish Etsy news - these last 2 ribbons are available in the BigFish shop.
(Need to make some time to update the shop)
The last ribbons are cute mini-reels 4metres on each. I wish all ribbon could be sold on these reels. Very handy....
Keep Calm and Craft On people!!

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  1. Indeed, keep calm and craft on! Focus is hard as us crafty lot have too many ideas and not enough time to develop, follow through and manage properly. We can't try to be everything to everyone, but deciding what to focus on is hard. Best of luck Kirsty. I hope for excellent things for you in 2012 and beyond x