Sunday, 30 December 2012

Show me your New Year.... your 2013....

 It is the END of an old year and the beginning of a brand SPANKING New One.
What are you going to do with yours.......?

Hell YES baby!!
I love my job but i love my hobby more...
It is the beauty of my job that allows me to be the person i want to be and live the life i want to live.
I might be fairly cash poor BUT i am body strong and soul RICH.
What will you be doing with your year......?


  1. All the very best for 2013, Kirsty. Hope it's everything you want it to be - and more. Are we going to see you on "Strongest Woman" this year? :-) Jude.x

  2. hahaha - no way! All the ladies i train with blow me out of the water! YOU TOO x