Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Button Fun ready for Sale Day

£3.90 for these 9 buttons
As seen, 3 each of 3 designs. RRP are £1.50 per 3 / £4.50 for this set.
They are 2cm approx 21mm and they are lovely! i love these for some really detailed embellishment or pretty finish to a child's cardigan / dress. 
And also the set below is one of the shops new sets.
You can take advantage of the free UK postage offer 
Tuesday 5th FEB 8am - 8pm
Use the code: FREEUK at checkout on that day!
 I have masses of spools back in stock also.
Different sizes and designs so you could use the FREE postage as an opportunity to stock up on spools for beautiful craft fair displays or home haberdashery stashing.
After the SALE DAY it is time to get to the Trade Show later in February and see what NEW Buttons and ribbons are on offer to us reatilers. Allllways a fun few days.
THEN, in March the shops are shutting for 2 whole weeks! whilst i go on holiday so you have been warned! 
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