Thursday, 10 January 2013

SALE Details... all your dreams come true!

You have been chosen to partake in the amazing Annual PaperFish Sale Day
I know, i know, too much excitement for the general public - 
but we Craft Lovers can cope, right!?
It may or may not surprise you to know: major retailers BUY IN sale stock to flog at you / market endlessly at you - make you WANT it bad. Many major retailers MARK UP the original price so high that they are still making profits from their "75% off the world and you need this stuff bad"
My SALE is different. I am making a loss on all SALE items. At the prices i am selling to you, i am losing money on the profit and on my original purchase costs. Also "UK free postage"... why would i do that?
What's in it for me? This is my business!? My wages!?
1. Any stock that is End of Line / won't be re-stocked - gets stuck and i need it moved out of my shop listings and out of my studio.
2. Even selling items at a loss is better than having dead items sat around that are not selling at all!
3. Most of my customers are repeat - and many have been shopping with me for YEARS! i appreciate them and its a way of saying "want this for a £1? Thanks for shopping with me"
4. My shop rises up the Etsy listings for a while due to the continued sales and renewing.
5. Many people don't give a fig about the £1 sale and just use the FREE UK POSTAGE to buy something they were coming in to get anyway. Well Done them
6. Always 2 or 3 people come in and buy one £1 item and i have to post that for free - that's a big loss in my Sale Day and kinda mean spirited. But this is the offer so they are within their right. I am being totally open about my SALE DAY reasons and tactics - how many other retailers do that for you??
7. It is FUN! Crazy stoopid and hectic for me, but actually great fun and last year customers were msg-ing me all day and being funny. We had a laugh.
Tuesday 5th FEB 2013
9am - 9pm 


  1. Now I'm in a pickle mrs. I was coming to you beg of next for a largeish pile of felt and buttons as I am finally opening up my own wee Etsy shop selling brooches. Don't think I should be a meany and do it on your sale day, unless you tell me it's okay and I'll smile manically like I'm taking over the world and run and skip and hop and end in a flourish with a cartwheel.
    Ali xxx

  2. of course do it on sale day! you'd be mad not to. UK shipping is capped at £3 anyway so if you are ordering a large bulk you'd only ever be charged £3. Sale Day is SALE DAY! But it will be manic and so email me your order if you prefer and i can do it privately. you can add anything that goes into the sale bags on the day if you choose to :) xx

  3. I knew there is good reason why I love you!

    I shall email you my dear and will defo be checking out those sale bags!
    Will email Monday but again you can put me at the bottom of your list for posting as I won't be starting to build stock until the week after, busy with so many WIPS as always.
    Oh and any advice or tips would be gratefully received. I have been putting off any ideas of an Etsy shop for ages as I thought it would be complicated as hell and a huge commitment but now I am excited even if I don't sell anything. Defo won't sell anything if I don't!
    Ridiculously pleased about getting to call you my supplier too!!

    1. yeah, email me xx do you have a Folksy shop already? maybe i could do a blog post about running an etsy shop? (i am no expert but i have experience!)

  4. No folksy shop, wasn't keen on having one there even though I like the idea if it bring UK based.
    I for one would love to hear any tips or advice. Feel I'm grasping it all okay but hearing from someone with experience would be great.
    The toughest part is making sure I charge enough that I am not undercutting myself or those peeps (like yourself) who are earning a living. I am shocked by how cheap a price some peep put on their work. Yet I don't want to scare away potential customers either. Tis tricky but I think I got there in the end. X