Sunday, 10 February 2013

Being Mindful - Making smaller decisions...

Its been turning over in my head - this idea of 'being mindful' - being more in the moment, giving it all my attention...
 Any mum / parent will know what i mean. racing around trying to do too many things all at once. Carrying child, bags, recycling, car keys, dog on lead... all out the front door at once. Why do we even do that? Because i have come to the conclusion that i would work more effectively and waste no extra time if i did each of those tiny jobs - separately, with my full mind on each individual task. Then the empty recycling cartons won't leak down my top, and the dog won't pull so hard i drop the car keys... and the child is more settled because she has my attention and not my stress.
And, for me, i think it has become more fundamental than just in my everyday tasks.
Being mindful - to make a choice to do.
I am finding it calmer to think like this. To break my life down into the tiniest little chunks and give it my full attention. 
I am wondering if you have all being doing this for so long? and i have taken THIS long to catch up?
Or are you still one of those people who kinda enjoys the chaos of a House Exit with major multi-tasking and food stained clothing? (i salute you if that IS you)
And yes, exercise / weight training / running has bought me closer to the mindset of breaking life's tasks down into small achievable goals. 
Being in that moment and completing the task. 
NOT being so overwhelmed by the entirety of life that i get panicky and cannot see how on earth i will GET IT ALL DONE!! 
And when i think about this, i see how it can apply to all areas of my life.
My Diet: being mindful of what am i eating. Will this food make me stronger and healthier? If not, put it down. Eat something better. Be kinder to your body.
My Training: being mindful of the exercise. Pick up the weight with full tension and control, then put it down. Breaking each movement apart. Concentrate on what is needed.
My Family: choose to spend time with them, and spend that time with them. No i-phone, No half listening, Just drinking tea / eating dinner and being with them.
My Work: Do each individual task on its own and finish it. Then move on.
My Craft: Each stitch, each cut, each colour choice, mindful of them in that moment and nothing else.
And i hope, for me, that each day is slower and calmer. Less hectic. Less injury. More energy. More productive. Higher self-esteem. Slower but stronger.
Being Mindful.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is something that seems so simple and makes sense, yet so few do it. I need to make a few changes to my life too.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! maybe everybody else is doing this?? haha and living so much more calmly than we?...

  2. Here, here! I agree it's so difficult to get the balance right especially with kids around. Sometimes, as a mum I feel like I am at the bottom of the pile and everyone else get what they want or need first BUT WE are important too! I will try and be more mindful and break things down in to bite size lumps. plus I will try saying NO too lol! Thanks for the tip : )