Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Giant Button *Shop News*... and new products.

 Hallo Button n Craft Fans!
News on the BIGger Buttons.... so, the above spottys are being phased out and no longer sold.
So, if you want a few, please take advantage now. They make awesome Brooches if you want to make some for gifts and in my next blog post i will show you how to best adhere the brooch backs.
Buttons for a GIANT!
 - i have been in-undated with requests for more colours - your wish is my command!
In the next week or so we get: Midnight, Ivory, Mint, Rose, Poppy, ermmm Pumpkin...
Keep your eyes peeled on here and FB, i'll let you know.

 I also have some sets coming of 1inch clown pairs in lush modern colourways.
AND a new BLUE for the shop called 'Cool Pool' - so bloomin gorgeous.
Some SPOTTY SCOTTIE!!!! OH. MY.GOSH - stand by Ali Stewart.
There is a new stack of wool blend felt coming, also in Cool Pool colours.
*new colours* for the Beach Huts stripes....
AND Blog tutorials on lots and lots of stuff.
I know. I really am finding the mojo again!

SHOPS are all on HOLIDAY: 5th - 17th March 2013
so all orders for 'i neeeeed those' must be placed before then x

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