Sunday, 17 February 2013

Letter to my Dear Friend

 Dear Friend,
Dearest friend! Most dear dear funny, wise, beautiful friend!!
I am so very sorry.
I think i *blinked* and time whizzed by...
 When did they get tall and leggy?
When did we get laughter lines and worry about aging skin?
When did we get so very busy?
When was the last time we got drunk on Prosecco? Tequila? Conversation and laughter?
When did WE last tease your husband about a kinky threesome? 
 I miss you.
Thank goodness we don't fall out on FaceBook or take each other for granted.
You are my Lobster. My girl Valentine!
My friend.
Funny Old Us x x x x

1 comment:

  1. ...*heart smiles* from a carpark in Carlisle I am honoured and blessed that fate, the world, the heavens in their wisdom decided our paths should cross! ;-) what hols are next??! Xxx