Friday, 22 February 2013

Quick Craft Ideas with buttons n Felt Balls

Very quick and easy ideas: Buy a pack of plain tags. I used these small-ish ones, just over an inch tall i think.
And you can whack a button on top. Then you have always got gift tags to hand for a bottle or a childs party.
 I have also made up packets of these and sold them as Gift Tags. 
You can buy all different sizes of tags. You can stamp them before hand or cover them in fabric (fuse on some webbing to the back of the fabric before gluing it down) then stock a button on top!
Here is a different version on the Button Brooches that we were making... scroll down a few posts below this one for the quick 'how to' a real piece of statement accessory.
 AND... i really wanted to show you what my friend Alison made with her buttons and felt beads.
the most brilliant light pull for her bathroom. She rocks. Great idea.
Make sure you sew alllll through the balls, and then sew alllll the way back through them from the bottom up - to make it very secure and reassuring to pull on.

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