Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tuesday is almost here - SALE DAY for Craft supplies...

 It has come around so quick!
I remember last year was really sunny and my convo's were buzzing.
What is up for sale is what IS - no asking me "do you got 10 bags of these £1 sale bags....?"
I might, but they will go up throughout the day so everybody gets a piece of the sale pie, whether they shop at 9am or 2pm. Fair is Fair.
 The red buttons up the top are a SALE BAG.
Most sale bags are just 1 or 2 bags like that. Not loads, so get them if you see them (if you want them!)
These are a dark dark denim blue that are actually a deep purple in good light. I have maybe 4 of these bags of 50. I won't be adding them to my Polka Dot bags as i am happy with what we've got there already. But these will be up for grabs if you limited edition special colour to play with.
 Another example of button bags that will be in the sale day.... Lovely dusky light pink doll buttons in 1inch.
And these will be in the sale... ever wanted to play with 100% lambswool felt?
It isn't what you might imagine at all.
These small sample sets come in 6 different 5x5 squares, each a different colour. The colours are not at all shaded or subtle but very deep. I don't like this stuff at ALL compared to the wool blend felt i already sell. BUT this 100% natural and very thick, so have a play if you are a felt fan.

TUESDAY 5th 8am - 8pm
FREEUK at Checkout means free postage on all UK orders
In each ETSY shop of mine

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