Thursday, 28 March 2013

Baby Shower Buttons n Blues...

 I have a *NEW* Blue in the shops called LIDO
its a really soft powdered pool blue. Quite similar to Aqua / Mermaid but muted and softer somehow.
So i mixed it with the Softer pink and some pearls and made this: Baby Shower.
Soooo sweet.
 I also discovered it made THE perfect Nordic / Scandinavian mix with Bright White and London Red.
I love this colour combo and again, this new blue mixes well and is less harsh than the bright aqua.
 So, Lido Blue!
Awesome for you jewelery makers to have a new option, a subtler blue to play with.
And oh yeah, enjoy your Easter Break!
Hot Cross Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs - however you do it, do it with Gusto!!!
 x x x

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