Saturday, 2 March 2013

Royal Mail Price HIKE...2013

 I make a million promises to Blog all the fun craft stuff and tutorials i have lined up for you BUT no. 
It seems business talk always takes precedence.
ATTENTION: online buyers n sellers:
you need to know all this ^^^^^ above.
What are you going to do as a seller?
Hobby or Small Business? what are your choices? How do we price our items well and fairly without major mistakes? how we can happily sell online?
I am changing - expanding - tweaking - rethinking etc...
however the INSULT is how bloomin D.I.R.E the Royal Mail service is anyways!!!!
I have had more parcels go missing within the UK than to any other Country across the entire globe.
What is that about? Bad sorting. Bad systems. Bad delivery. Bad service.
Be aware. Read the site - see the changes in WEIGHT between small packet and medium packet but do not fail to take into consideration the DIMENSIONS of your parcels also.
This has terrible consequences for felt shopping online as it is bulky AND heavy.
So much to sit and change at the PC.
This is very useful - once you have learnt how to read it!

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