Wednesday, 6 March 2013


In the entire time i have had online retail sites, i have never taken a VACATION!
Well, i have, i just never shut the shops... 
But, people who care, I am going to close for a week or two. Don't panic I am coming back.
What is happening whilst i am away?
Lots of stuff...
Its going to be my birthday :) How wonderful is that!? sort of. I will turn 38yrs young.
Trust me, i feel a good decade (or 2) younger.
I am going to go out n eat n drink n make merry.
I am going to stay in n eat n drink n make merry.
I am going to have fun and relax and plan for the next BIG phase of the PaperFish empire...

In the plans:
*Closing all Handmade other than the SnowFish Christmas range.
*Increasing Button range
*Increasing felt range
*Selling wholesale / Bulk / supplies in much larger quantities
*Taking the opportunity to work with more people:
*Do you fancy becoming a SELLER yourself of some of my supplies? 
*Do you want to become a Crafter sponsored by PaperFish products???
(this is one of the developments i am most excited about)
So - keep your eyes on my FaceBook page and on the Blog coz this is where all NEWS will be arriving first and these are opportunities you might want to be a part of ti develop your business too.
Tooodddlypip xxx


  1. Ooh exciting times!
    My shop is open Fishy. Look for 'jammypudding'. I could prob be sponsored by you. My brooches are a huge percent fishy!!
    Have a fab hol and an even better bday. I am 40 in four weeks!!! Don't know what to say about that.
    Ali xxx

  2. :-) rock on my girl! I am hooooogely proud and impressed with your 'vacationing' xxxxxx

  3. Well done, Kirsty. Have a great "vacation" and an even better birthday. You're sounding totally on track and settled. Keep smiling. Jude.x

  4. sounds super exciting, enjoy your vacation and i'll be watching for updates on your return x