Friday, 19 April 2013

Make a Foxy n Badger Kit... Wool Felt Sewing.

 so, me and the 9yr old decided to make the FOXY from this kit.
To be honest, she isn't so patient and i did most of it BUT i think a more attentive 9 / 10yr old could cope with this given help.
 Lovely softest wool felt in perfect colours.
You may remember i made my girl a foxy cushion a few months ago?
well this foxy is now on the bed keeping it company.
 I am TERRIBLE at fllowing patterns and instructions. I have no idea - its like maths to me.
Does. not. compute.
But luckily, once i just cut out all the pieces and started putting them together it was very easy and i didn't need to read the directions much.
 We skipped the 'round bottom' that would make foxy stand up as we wanted a cuddly fella.
What do you think? 
Of course, had i free reign, i would have gone mad on adding buttons and details but the Girl is a stickler for the picture. her ONE concessions being a yellow scarf swap around.
hello Foxy, welcome to our home! x


  1. We couldn't believe that someone hacked your old blog. This is just shocking! Foxy looks stunning and we totally insist that you continue to make crafts and share them with us!:) Don't give up! xx

    1. tcha, that's life. it taught me some lessons in stuff i needed. I lost nearly 500 followers and you know what!? its really OK xx

  2. He is very smart, especially with that scarf!

  3.'re never old enuf to have a 9yr old??!! ;-)