Thursday, 30 May 2013

A trip to "Jo-Anns"... in Orlando Florida!

 soooo, it goes something like this.... 
Me n The Little Black Duck (Victoria) were hanging out in Florida for a coupla weeks.
Vics msgs me "wanna come to Jo-Anns on Wednesday Night" (imagine her saying that in a soft, slightly Australian way) and i'm like, "ya-huh. Cool. come pick me up in your hire car?"  and she's like "ya-huh i can so do that"... (see how we have both morphed into cool US kid speak)
And it was a very lovely evening of chattery and touchy feely and 'oohhhh, aahhhh'  sounds.
i could have gone crazy shopping BUT i was already worried about packing the cases for our return journey.
There were quite a few stuffed DISNEY characters coming back with me already... 
 I would have said that Jo-Anns far outshone my local Hobbcraft BUT... i did pop into a Hobbycraft recently and it was so so very much improved! i was shocked and delighted. But the US prices did beat Hobbycraft hands down (as do the items in my supplies shops kiddies, take note*)
 I fell in lust with these mini yarns. I wanted them bad - like a chest pain bad.
Seriously though, they will only sit in my house, encased in a giant sweetie jar for me to moon over.
 I am also a sucker for enamel and tins... i wanted to buy one of these colourful mailboxes... well i wanted TWO: one for my daughter and one for the dog. Neither of whom get any post (except for the post my daughter sends herself or sends from the dog, to herself)
Oh, and the fabric. The US win hands down. Its an embarrassment in comparison to our HobbyCraft.
This is a serious world of fabric and soooo many types. I know many ladies who die of *want* in this fabric section.
 And, ahhhhh, the Service.
The UK gave up giving good service in retail, NOPE, they gave up giving any service of any kind, anywhere (you beauties who do work with consumers and DO give service - i apologise and applaud you) so Jo-Ann wins on the service front. Vic is handing in her 75th Coupon to the cashier who is still smiling and chatting. 
 Thankyou Vicky Duck for taking me out of the Disney insanity for an evening and letting me 'hang' with you. I know i talk too much and looked like a high-school reject in my tracksuit and braided hair. You, however, looked fresh and happy and were lovely company.
Lets do a world tour of Craft Stores!?! How cool would that be....


  1. Ohhhhhohhhhhhhh the jealousy. That is all.

  2. I dream of going there. I have heard a lot about that shop but now you have posted pictures I really do know what I am missing.

  3. It looks like our Spotlight!
    Love it there find "the lot"
    cheers from Oz

  4. Vics ^^^ look above - we need to go back to Australia and Blog "spotlight"... :)

  5. Jo-Ann's is my idea of Disney!!! I would pay unlimited excess baggage for an hour in there!!
    ps. I am so chuffed to have finally (yes, I'm a bit slow...) found your new blog!

    1. nooo, its my fault, i could not even access the old one to re-direct or cancel / whatever x Nice to see you!