Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Making Cards and Pretty Gift Tags...

 And more blogging from my Crafty weekend.
I did stuff that was actually pretty and fun instead of, you know... businessssy.
Love making a big ole mess and feeling that satisfaction of 'DONE' :)
I had no real plan - just gonna make some tags and cards for a local gift shop....
 I love sewing fabric to card. Its weirdly satisfying.
Small projects = very calming.
Just playing with teeny tiny pieces. back to where my handmade life began, selling cards in small local fairs and shops. 
 so, the tags got packaged up into sets for 'easy buy'
and some buttons also got bagged up for quickie buys also.
 The cards are all 'blank' - for Ones own message and all that. I draw the line at putting sentiments on cards. How do i know what it is you want to say? Put your BigGirl pants on, open it up and write allll the stuff you want to say - then send it! Its old fashioned communication but so much more thoughtful.

 Pop them all in a bag and release their Craftiness into the shop display later this week.
Its a living! (sort of) 
Happy HAPPY Craftiness my lovlies!! x x x


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