Saturday, 8 June 2013

Making Mini Felt (and paper) pinwheels. Its a BUMPER fun blog post!

 Cute. Cute. Cute.
I get a longing in my heart to make a something. Then, when i do, i go crazy making loads! This time, its Pinwheels. And i don't need to put together a lovely clear, graphic, whimsical, pretty tutorial (for anything really!) as BlogLand and YouTube are full of such things, done better, by other crafty folk.
 But i can collate some of the great ideas and pin them all together for you and me for easy reference.
 Being a FELT FAN: (link to the felt shop)
I decided to make my little PinWheels from felt.
I sell these already awesome FELT FANCIES which are bags of 2x2inch wool felt squares and so they were the perfect size for me to play with. I just had to choose 2 contrasting colours to lay on top of each other to get this double colour / multi wheel effect.
 And - you know me - it has to be a button in the middle to secure it all.
I don't need my pinwheels to turn in a breeze and so the felt and button was the natural choice for me as materials.
And what can you do with mini PinWheels???
Stick to the top of a giant pin as a pin topper.
Stick to the front of a magnet for your fridge.
Make into a pen topper (see top photo) i stuck that onto a pencil eraser.
Sew onto cushions / bunting
Make into hairclips - brooches - add to bags... anywhere really!
 Kelsey from 'PoofyCheeks' Blog has put hers onto pegs to make nice memo holders:
And i think this is a great idea. Personally i would cover the pegs in paper too and pop a smaller pinwheel on the top. Just to get maximum craftiness out of the project.
 Anyway, quick looksee - i have used cardstock to show you but it is exactly the same whether you use paper or felt or plastic. 
Cut from each corner nearly to the middle. I didn't even measure - you can just judge it, as long as they are the same length from each corner.
 I have a needle threaded ready and a good knot in the end, ready to secure all the tips when we fold them to the centre. Every 'other' tip gets folded into the centre - don't panic, as soon as you hold it and do it, alllll becomes very clear. Have a play.
 I stitched them all over and over to keep them secure and then i just sewed the little wee button on the top and over the middle to make it look pretty.
I also stuck some washi tape pieces onto the white sides because i am not a 'pretty pretty' clean look type of crafter. I like anarchy, individualism, and a bit of crazy in my crafting. Its why i craft at all!
I stuck this paper PinWheel on to a cocktail stick - also wrapped in washi tape!
SO.... HOW did i get the felt PinWheels with the zigzaggy edges? like on the felt PinWheels above?
Good huh? i cut all round the squares AND into the centres using pinking shears to get that effect.

Not a clear enough tutorial for you? don't worry, here are better versions and other ideas:

Carolina, in the link below, shows you how to make a proper little twirly one.
Very cute to add to gifts and for party favours. Make millliiioonns of them!!
And here is another larger version on a weddingy Blog - its nice to get different ideas, ya!?
Feel free to leave comments and link to your own PinWheels projects. Its what the internet is best at!

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  1. Super cute! May make some for the girls :-)